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Outdoor cooking equipment

Recently, I have been fabricating some items for my back yard fire pit and camp cooking. I recycled a cast iron brake drum from a large truck as my fire pit. It is a perfect size for my smallish fire preference. I cut a small door in the side for accessing the coals for cooking.

The all steel Dutch oven cook table was fabricated with a 16" diameter disk of 1/4" steel. A 1/8"x1'' rim is spot welded around the disk and 3/4"x3/4"x12" legs are welded to the bottom. I made the wind screen out of two pieces of 12" aluminum flashing that are long enough to overlap on both ends. The opening can easily be adjusted for the wind conditions. I could have welded short pieces of larger square tube to the bottom so the legs could be removable or I could have made leg extensions. I personally like the 12" height for cooking while sitting down.

I fabricated a charcoal chimney from a piece of steel pipe, short legs and a handle. It's so heavy it will outlast my Dutch ovens.

I twisted the fire poker and Dutch oven pot lid holder while forging them.

The legs of the cooking tripod are 41" long. It is designed to be light weight for transporting. The design of the pot hook locates the pot in the center of the tripod.
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