Fred Connell
Student Blacksmith

   Notes & Photos:
Power Hammer notes & photos
Forklift tine anvil
Propane forge
Anvil stand
Swage block base
Tool rack
Small anvil base
Vise stand
   Other Stuff:
- Rose Engine

anavil2.jpg 640x480 - 235k
1907 Hay-Budden 118 pounds
The Hay Buden anvil has really been hammered. Most of the 5/8" hardened top is gone. I still regularly use the heel, hardy hole, pritchel hole and horn. One day I may rebuild the top surface and grind it flat.

I started my blacksmith adventure with just the very used Hay Budden anvil and the small forklift tine leaning against it as my anvils. They worked and enabled me to start hammering hot steel while I looked for a more suitable anvil. I was glad to have the anvils since it took several months to find my good anvil.
1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k