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-- 2-String Piezo.
-- 3-String magnetic.
-- 3-String round neck.

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Quicksand Guitar

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Quicksand Guitar ®
For Sale $249.95

This is a fret-less slide guitar with a Poplar 3/4"x1.5" neck and wood cigar box with the CB Gitty famous "Snake Oil" chrome humbucker pickup. It's a mellow Blues machine for playing killer Blues, especially riffs. Also, it can be played percussively for Country Delta Blues.

  • Oliv Serie V Melanio 7 years Cigar box.
  • 24.069" scale with 1/2" parallel string spacing.
  • Stainless steel 1/4" screw for bridge and nut.
  • 3/4"x1.5" poplar neck to pass through guitar in a semi-hollow body design.
  • Strings grounded to copper plate wired to 1/4" plug.
  • CB Gitty chrome "Snake Oil" humbucker magnetic pickup.
  • Volume and tone controls.
  • 1/4" instrument plug.
  • CB Gitty chrome sealed tuners.
  • Tuned G2D3G3.

We try to make our guitars produce the best tone possible.

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