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Quicksand Guitar

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Cigar Box and Custom Box Slide Guitars.

About Quicksand Guitar:
Quicksand Guitar is a small volume builder of quality cigar box guitars (CBG) and custom built box guitars. Our emphasis has been fret-less slide guitars for playing killer Blues.

Quicksand Guitars include 2-string round neck with a Piezo pickup, 3-string round neck with a magnetic pickup and 3-string regular neck with custom handmade boxes and a magnetic pickup.

We try to make our guitars produce the best tone possible.

Cigar Box Guitar History:
Cigar box guitars originated in the late 1800s in the deep south of the United States. Aspiring young musicians built their own cigar box guitars from available materials. Round and square necks with any kind of wood or metal box was used. The Delta, Country Blues genre originated on cigar box guitars and formed the basis for a great deal, maybe most, of American music created in the 1900s.

Blues musical format:
The majority of Blue songs have 12-bar musical structure for each verse. Each 12-bar section [verse] is divided into three 4-bar lines with a specific I-IV-V chord structure that is mostly consistent in the Blues genre. The vocals of the first line of 4-bars or 4-measures is 2 to 3 bars long. The vocals of the second line of 4-bars or 4 measures is generally a repeat of the first line of 4-bars usually with a slight vocal variation. The last line of 4-bars or 4-measures is a culmination, resolution or supplement to the first two measures. A Blues song is a soliloquy, all about the person singing. A instrumental lead, usually emulating the vocals, fills out the last bars [measures] from the vocals to the end of each 4-bar line.

How to make music:
Cigar box guitars are designed simply, durable, inexpensive and easy to play. Fret-less cigar box guitars are usually tuned so that the slide will make a correct power chord or major chord across the three strings. Fret locations are marked on the cigar box guitar neck. The slide can be worn on any finger of your left hand for a right handed player. By pressing the slide lightly on the strings at the appropriate fret marker, various power chords [dyads] or major chords can be either strummed or picked.

There are many tunings possible and common power chord or [dyad] tunings are G-D-G or D-A-D and major chord tunings are G-D-B or D-A-F#. We teach a Major chord inversion tuning of D-G-B, the same as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings of a standard tuned 6-string guitar. Installing appropriate strings will allow any tuning. Sliding along the string[s] into a chord or dyad is not difficult and can produce sounds much like the human voice. A heavy "hammer on" will create a Country Delta percussive sound. The fret-less guitar is a very versatile musical instrument, simple to learn, yet flexible enough to allow complex techniques. A 3-string slide box guitar is ideal for the playing the Blues.

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