Wood Lathe Gallery

- Large spalted maple pot2
- Large spalted maple pot
- Wife's weed pots
- Dogwood weed pot
- Hollow walnut vessel
- Spalted maple small bowl
- Granny's cookie jar
- Walnut bowl
- Architectural medallion
- Round poplar pot
- hair pipe beads
   Other Stuff:
- Rambling Rose Engine 3rd generation mobile
- Rose Engine 1st & 2nd generation
- Wood Lathe works
- Shop jigs homemade


hairpipe01.jpg 720x327 - 73k
Custom Rose Engine & Ornamental Lathe Test
Hair pipe beads for an American Indian vest

My wood turning club is doing a collorative project for the Albirque, NM, AAW annual symposium. One of the members couldn't do his part so several of us split up his portion. The cherry hair pipes are 4" long and 3/8" diameter with a 1/8" through hole. I used a lathe dog to turn between centers using the through hole as center.

1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k

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