1st & 2nd Generation
Rose Engine

-Fabrication notes 1/27/10
- Prototype Rose Engine
- Rubber & rosette cam
- Turning the index wheel
- Drilling the index wheel
- Cutting a Rosette cam
- Fabricating T-nut
- Rubber assembly
- Spindle & bearings
- Pivot axle & bearings
- Spindle & frame
- Index wheel installed
- Rocking stop arm
- Rose Engine ready to test
- Chuck holding work
- Turn aluminum on wood lathe
- Hand crank and handle
- Threading follower
- Copy a rosette cam
- Drilling a rosette cam
- Finished rosette cam
- Router assembly
- Boring bar cutters
- Chuck adjusting Spider
- Overhead drive
- Cutting frame
- Rose Engine with router
- Rose Engine w/ router
- Overhead crane latest
- Drilling frame latest
- Collet Chuck latest
- Hardinge compound 9/5/11
- X-Z compound ways 12/28/11
- Test results - Gallery
- Description of a Rose Engine
           by Jon Magill
   Other Stuff:
- Rambling Rose Engine 3rd generation mobile
- Wood Lathe works
- Demonstrations for groups.
- Shop jigs homemade
- Downloads & plans

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Drawing of Rose Engine rose.jpg 609x432 - 22.9k
Custom Rose Engine & Ornamental Lathe
Spindle Head Plan

I am a hobby wood worker with some limited hobby experience in metal work.   Designing my custom Rose Engine and Ornamental Lathe required quite a bit of research since not much information exists.   You will find here photographs of my prototype Rose Engine and also design criteria, progress photographs and notes for my second generation custom Ornamental Rose Engine.

The Rose Engine and Ornamental Lathe will rock and pump with either same side as cutter or opposite side from cutter rubber contact with the rosette cam or cams.   The rosette cam is easily changed and can be indexed within 1/2 degree to the spindle and work piece.   It has a 16 inch diameter work capacity, uses standard 1.25¨x 8tpi chucks, and is easily transportable to another lathe bed.   For ornamental design work, the spindle can be indexed to any combination of 720 positions.

The new and improved Rose Engine and Ornamental Lathe was ready for testing in early November 2007.   I update this site as I make progress, particularly the ¨Fabrication Notes¨.

1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k
E-mail: info1@OrnamentalRoseEngine.com