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Universal cutting frame -ucf1.jpg 640x457 - 80k
Custom Rose Engine & Ornamental Lathe
Universal cutting frame

This universal cutting frame is designed to fit in the round 5/8" diameter boring bar tool holder of a quick change tool post commonly used on metal lathes. The cutter head holds a 3/16" round HSS cutting tool and can cut a radius of from 0.6" to 1.6". It has a 1" adjusment for it's drive belt length. All bearings are ball bearings. It can cut over 4" deep into a hollow vessel. The design is modular so that multiple cutting heads and arms can be used for other size cutters.

These are "as built" drawings. The CAD drawing system requires exact measurements. Some dimensions can be rounded as needed. I made a change in the second UCF I built not shown on this drawing. I made the large drive pulley the same dimension as the smaller one. The allen head of the belt adjusting 1/4" bolt is very close to the large pulley in this drawing.

Download:   ucf1.pdf is 419k PDF file that can be viewed and printed with Acrobat reader.

1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k