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- Barleycorn & basket weave
- Pendant w/ stone
- Walnut bowl
- Maple bowl
- Hanging ornament stand
- More ornament stands
- Aluminum pulley
- Threaded lid box
- Macro view of cuts
- Macro view of bell
- Tool handle
- Threaded lid box
- Box threads
- aluminum pulley
- elliptical base
- walnut box
- walnut box bottom
- Pear pot
- brass index pin
- knurled turkey call
- knurled tool handle
- blackwood bell
- Carving chisel 2/28/09
- Faux ivory earrings 4/23/09
- Wooden bells 5/11/09
- Dogwood chalice 5/18/09
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- Rambling Rose Engine 3rd generation mobile
- Rose Engine fabrication & notes
- Wood Lathe works
- Shop jigs homemade

walnut thread lid box -box5.jpg 720x569 - 57k
Custom Rose Engine & Ornamental Lathe Test
walnut thread lid box bottom & inside lid

It was my turn to provide a turning for the monthly drawing of my local wood turning club. I turned a 4.5" diameter lidded "tiger" walnut box with a threaded lid and a pear finial. The lid and finial have rose engine ornamentation as does the bottom of the box. The outside and inside is finished with lacquer and bees wax. The bottom has a custom eliptical design around the signiture.

1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k

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