Fred Connell
Student Blacksmith
Power Hammer
Whack Whack Calm
   Notes & Photos:
- Power Hammer
- Power Hammer closeup
- Anvil
- Frame
- Hammer
- Dies
- Hammer Track
- Dupont Linkage
- Linkage Compressed
- Clutch
- Clutch Linkage
- Clutch Foot Petal
- Crankshaft
- crankshaft assembled
- Motor & mount
- Dupont Linkage Patent
- Operation Conclusions
- Operating Video .ogg
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   Other Stuff:
- Rose Engine

footpetal1.jpg 640x490 - 78k
Fred Connell - Blacksmith
Power Hammer foot petal

The foot petal is designed to give a 5 to 1 leverage ratio [or higher] to engage the clutch. The 120 pound pressure needed for engagement only needs 20 pounds of foot presssure. Two return springs prevent the weight of the foot petal itself from causing unnecessary clutch pressure when power is not needed.

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Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k