Fred Connell
Student Blacksmith
Power Hammer
Whack Whack Calm
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- Rose Engine

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Fred Connell - Blacksmith
Assembled crankshaft

The crankshaft assembly is attached to the support column with 1.375 ID ball bearing pillar blocks. The crankshaft head is keyed to the crankshaft.

The four red steel bars counter balance the left to right reciprocating weight of the pitman, upper linkage arms and spring mechanism . I originally calculated the counter balance weight with a moment formula. Now, a static test shows the calculation to be very close. I static balanced it by holding the upper arms and spring without the hammer in a horizontal position in line with a horizontal line through the center of the drive shaft. In this balance condition, the counter weight equals half of the oscillating weight of the upper linkage. The static balance method resulted in a good crankshaft operating balance in the horizontal direction.

The pillow block and link arm connector of the pitman were machined from 6160 aluminum instead of steel to reduce the unbalanced reciprocating mass.

The crank head is both clamped and keyed to the crankshaft.

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