Third Generation
Rambling Rose Engine

   Basic assemblies:
- design criteria
- spindle head
- chuck alignment adjusting spider
- index and phasing system
- rosette cam
- belt drive
- rubber assembly
- compound X-Y table
- cutter and motor
- lathe bed or table 9/8/08
- hand crank
   Rambling Rose Engine:
- RRE Plans & drawings
   Other Stuff:
- Rose Engine 1st & 2nd generation
- Demonstrations for groups.
- Wood Lathe works
- Shop jigs homemade
- Downloads & plans E-mail:

custom Rose Engine -rre0.jpg 720x408 - 95k
Custom Rambling Rose Engine & Ornamental Lathe
Table or bed

The Rambling Rose Engine utilizes two hardened and ground round ways as both the structural frame and X-Z Compound ways, greatly reducing the weight of the overall machine.   If mobility and compactness were not as much of a concern, the main ways and Z-axis compound lead screw could easily be longer and larger diameter.

The RRE has walnut legs with independently adjustable rubber feet.

1x3 bar_rust.gif
Rose Engine Rose Engine barleycorn design barley10.jpg 65x65-2.7k